Thursday, July 3, 2014

Made for Kids Month (hashtagged!)

It wasn't my plan at the start of the month, but as the month went on the self-imposed challenge took shape and I did it!  At least one different hand-made garment on my kid(s) each day in the month of June.  I think I'm getting ahead of myself, though.

Rae of Made by Rae and Liesl of Oliver and S (@madebyrae and @lieslgibson and @oliverands at Instagram) started the hashtag madeforkidsmonth on Instagram and invited any and all to join in.  The idea is to get those hand-made clothes out of the closet and onto our kids!  No pressure, no requirements for participation - I was just having so much fun I think I got a little carried away.  Plus it helps that this girl of mine has zero opinion on what she wears (except pajamas - don't fight her on her pjs).  Free reign!

I think the best part of all this was being forced to dig into her closet and being pleasantly surprised at how many things that I made last year still fit.  That's the beauty of sewing for girls, though, isn't it.  A dress this year is a tunic next year and maybe even a blouse the following if you're lucky.  Below you'll find all my Instagram photos (all taken with my iPhone) that I linked up to #madeforkidsmonth and links to posts for all the garments that actually have posts published for them.

6/1: Dress -- 6/2: His Shirt -- 6/2: Her Shirt

6/3: Romper not yet blogged -- 6/4: Shirt -- 6/5: Shirt never blogged and Pants
UPDATE: Romper post here.

6/6: Shirt -- 6/7: Dress -- 6/8: Dress

6/9: Her Shirt -- 6/10: Shirt (& pants again) -- 6/11: Dress not yet blogged & Cardigan pre-blog

6/12: Shirt -- 6/13: Pants -- 6/14: Shorts

6/15: Tunic & Leggings -- 6/16: Shirt not yet blogged -- 6/17: Shirt

6/18: Shirt not yet blogged -- 6/19: Shirt -- 6/20: Cardigan pre-blog

6/21: Shirt -- 6/22: Shirt -- 6/23: Tunic

6/24: Shirt -- 6/25: Shirt -- 6/26: Shorts never blogged

6/27: Dress not yet blogged -- 6/28: Dress not yet blogged -- 6/29: Dress 
6/30 (below): Dress not yet blogged 

I clearly have some catching up to do!  I was a couple garments behind before we went on vacation June 15, then I made a couple quick swing tees the day before we left, and finished the month on a roll with four new knit summer dresses because I was worried about making it to the end of the month without repeating so I planned two dresses but my fabric made me make four.  Always blame the fabric.  

Of note, most of these pictures don't show off the garments as clearly as they could, but I use Instagram more for pretty photos than sewing news so I didn't want to compromise one for the other.  It was an added challenge that I enjoyed (most days).  You can follow along with us @amos_el - we'd love to see you there!

Now let the catching up commence!


  1. Wow!!! Look at all the handmades. This is very inspiring. Is the "pre-blogged" cardigan the Aster Cardi? It is darling! I hope that looking back at all of these things makes you feel proud, it's amazing! Found you through Made by Rae's site. Happy sewing!

    1. I do feel proud!! Especially that these are all things that are in regular rotation - not just pulled out for the photos. The cardigan was self-drafted and upcycled from an old cardigan of mine (pre-made buttonholes!), but the Aster Cardi is really cute, isn't it?