Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bubble Pocket Shorts

I pretty much always draft my own pattern - because I enjoy the challenge, because I like the customization, and because I'd rather put the money towards more fabric (like I need it!!).  This is actually only the second pattern I've bought but after seeing all the amazing variations popping up during Kids Clothes Week this spring I decided to just go for it: Bubble Pocket Shorts by Elegance & Elephants!

I loved constructing these - great directions, and they came together surprisingly quickly considering the number of pieces.

Results in a beautiful finished garment. 

 Unfortunately, I'm not really happy with the fit on Lisi Lou right now.  She's almost 20 months, so I made the 18m/2T size and they fall a little long on her for my taste.  I like to see a lot of leg on my baby girl (see bubble skirt).  I put them in the closet for this summer - I think they're going to be perfect next year.

I'm going to try the smaller size.  I'm also going to try developing my own bubble shorts pattern with no pockets - she doesn't use them yet anyway.  Summer's quickly coming - let's see those leggies!!

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