Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Recap

Easing back into blogging with a little holiday season recap.  I really do love the whole month of December - the excitement, the traditions, the extra down time to enjoy each other.

We took a nice snowy train ride with Santa a couple of weeks ago.  The boy was pretty indifferent about seeing Santa, but did declare it the best train ride he's ever been on in his whole life. "!!!!!!"  The girl, on the other hand was SUPER excited about the big guy - no fear.  Actually tried to make a run for it down the aisle because it was SO HARD to wait for him to get all the way down to her!

There was also the obligatory gingerbread house decorating.  This was Lisi Loo's first year, so I grabbed the "Christmas Village" box - four small gingerbread houses instead of one large one.  I worked out perfectly!  She and I decorated one, her brother decorated another, and then she made a mess of the rest of her candy while the kid and I worked on the last two together.

And of course, there was the Christmas Dress.  A checkered linen table cloth for the dress and old curtains for the underskirt.  I've had this dress made in my mind since spring and it turned out exactly as I had pictured...plaid matching and all!  I didn't do a photo-shoot, but did get a few shots in front of the tree.  Baby Girl's baby doll also got a matching dress, but no pictures.  Like I said...easing back in.

Lots of love over here.  Hope you're feeling the love out there, too.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Here's the thing...

...I didn't mean to run away from home my just kind of happened.

And I wrote this big long post with all my thoughts and reasons why...but then I realized it was really just me trying to justify it to myself.

The only reason that counts is this: my heart's just not in it right now.  Nothing is wrong; there is no actual REASON.  I'm just not "feeling it" quotes because I am in no way "cool" enough to say that...but it still perfectly describes what I'm trying to say.

So for now I'm just going to be true to myself.  If I sew something and get a few pictures, I'll post them.  If I take some pictures that make me happy, I'll post them.  If I feel like taking a month off, I will.

In the mean time I'll be living in the real world for now.  Baking cookies and hanging ornaments and teaching my kids carols while we sip hot chocolate in front of the fire.

This is my only life.  I want to make sure I'm letting myself love on it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Thanksgiving Junebug

It didn't happen as soon as I thought it would but I made another Junebug - just like I said I would.  It's not actually the fabric I had in mind...but it is similar...and it was free.  Oh - and she'll be wearing it on Thanksgiving next week...hence the post title.

It's a pretty heavy flannel - I'm guessing home decor.  I love the shape it holds.  It's from the same haul from my aunt that gave us berries and carrots.  And I used it ALL UP.  I used to be scared to do that...which is probably why my fabric stash had become unmanageable.  Now I find it thrilling.

I decided to pleat it at the front center, back center, and shoulder - in part because of the weight of the fabric, and in part because I actually have another one put together that I gathered and I wanted a change.  (That one's just waiting on a trip to the store for a covered button kit refill - be on the look out next week!)  Oh - and I added long sleeves with elastic at the wrist - the pattern is sleeveless or short sleeves but that won't work for us this time of here here in New England.

I also used some kelly green piping from this estate sale score (still chipping away with nary a dent in sight) around the front panel and neckline.  I had intended to put it at the waistline, as well, but forgot until I had already attached the top and bottom and there was no way I was taking it apart.  I added it to the hemline instead and I'm happy with the mistake.  It's a little unexpected and balances the green at the top and the bottom.

Speaking of the bottom...I just drafted a quick leggings pattern and used this super stretchy but still decently thick white knit I've had a while to make her a pair of two piece leggings.

Immediately after taking these pictures the leggings made their way (aka were forcibly dragged) to my sewing machine and taken in...again.  Such trouble getting the fit right!  Always that fear of too-small-to-make-right I guess.  And the buttons...will be moved out.  Totally aware they are making the front gape open.

Don't expect a second photo-shoot, though.  One per outfit is my limit!  ha!

Now...bring on the turkey!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Deer for my Dear

Soooo...I made another swing tee.  Last one for the season, though...probably. (Short sleeves here & here.  Long sleeves here & here.)

The stencil comes from this set that I got the Tee Pee Tee stencil from.

The fabric was a huge tee I bought to upcycle for myself, but it wasn't really working out as planned, and the color is just so little girl sweet, that it became this instead.

In the picture above she was showing her deer what she was watching on the phone.  Such a sharer.

I sure do love this crazy wackadoo.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

G is for Grandpa's Buttons & Grandma's Snaps

This is my second version of The Lucy Tunic by Shwin & Shwin.

Lisi Loo was swimming the first version, so this time I made the 12m size.  It's still a bit wide in the neck opening, but the fit is much better overall.

The green wool was purchased at an estate sale and I had JUST enough to make this top.  I still kind of can't believe I got all the pieces out of what I had and that all the stripes line up like they do!

The lining is just some navy quilting cotton.  I used the navy for the pockets, too.

The buttons (as post title would suggest) were off my Grandfather's uniform from his service in the Navy during WWII.  (I didn't remove them, they were passed on to me in a baggy with the uniform tag that had his name written on it.)

Instead of adding big button holes, I sewed in snaps that (as the post title would also suggest) my Grandmother (other side of the family) gave me when she was paring down her own notions supplies.

I'm linking up to No Big Dill's Sew All 26 here: G is for Grandpa's Buttons & Grandma's Snaps (and Green!).

And also...girly...because this crazy teenager hip lean is killing me!  ha!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Flurries

Yesterday morning our first snowflakes of the season fell.

I still get a thrill when snow falls.  It feels like magic!  I hope my kids feel that way, too.  I think they could they not?

They only lasted a couple hours - they stopped as we were heading into preschool - but sustained just enough to count.

Credit for this last picture goes to my five year old.  He was trying to imitate my photo above...and ended up with one I like so much more (although there may be a certain amount of mommy-bias involved there).

My camera is pretty old now, and a new one is in my not too distant future (hopefully).  I'm really excited to teach him to use this one once I retire it.   I can't wait to see the world through his eyes.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EmmaJean Dress

This is a second version of the self drafted pattern sewn up during KCW - formerly known as The What-IS-this-color? Dress.  Now known as EmmaJean.

(Sorry for the weird way the sleeves are laying.  I was very distracted while taking these pictures, which is probably clear.)

This version is made from woven fabric instead of knit, isn't lined, and best of all - no heming!  All edges trimmed in self-made bias tape.  The elastic in the sleeves was run through the bias tape, too.

And look at the sweet red button!  If feels so good using up a random button.  One down, five thousand to go. Baby steps.

I'm really enjoying this silhouette.  It feels really versatile - and is so far proving to be! 

The only (non-aesthetic) change I'll make next time is to open the arm hole a little more - it was just the tiniest bit of a squeeze getting those elbows through.  

And, just in case anyone is worried these pictures came to us with uncharacteristic ease, we'll close with a photographic description of how our day has been:

I feel like the blank stare, open mouth, dirty face, crazy hair, and crooked glasses really say it all.  Here's looking at you, Tomorrow!