Thursday, September 19, 2013

Family Reunion

I bought the Oliver & S pattern for the Family Reunion Dress at the same time as their Roller Skate Dress (which I made last KCW).  It's been staring at me ever since.

I recently spent an evening with my aunt, uncle, and cousin who I don't get to see very often.  My aunt came bearing gifts in the form of three giant boxes of old fabric.  About a third of it was definitely not my style and has already been donated.  About a third I'll hold onto for a while in case inspiration strikes, but doesn't make me itch to get out my scissors.  In the last third was this sweet strawberried fabric.  A family reunion top born of a family reunion.  Lovely.

I really like this pattern and will definitely make it again.  It was a nice challenge without being too much work.  And, of course, the instructions were as clear as day (although I do admit to taking a couple shortcuts...I'm only so particular about certain details).

The only problem I came across really, other than being disappointed that my choice of print kind of hides some of the detail, was with my interfacing.  I grabbed a piece I had on  hand that was of unknown age and origin.  It it a bit too stiff, and did something funky to my facing when I ironed it on.  It's not so bad she can't wear it, though, and I'm hoping it'll soften up a little once it gets washed a couple times.

 Today's distraction of choice was my phone.  It may clash with her navy top but looky looky - she stood on her mark!  Whatever works.

Oh - and those pants are getting a post of their own next week.  And probably a fraternal twin.

And...I'm linking up to No Big Dill's Sewing all 26 series - B week.  Because B is for BERRIES!


  1. Yay! I love that fabric too. Shirt looks great!

  2. oh, this top is so adorably sweet! love it on your little one!

  3. That fabric is absolutely adorable (as is your model:).
    Well done!