Monday, September 23, 2013

Mad for Plaid - PR&P

My love for gingham is well documented at this point, and as plaid could be considered a close cousin it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm a fan. me some plaid.  So I was pretty excited to sew along this week at Project Run and Play.

I went digging through my stash and came across these two.  Not enough of either for a full garment, but enough to do a little plaid-mixing.  And I feel so bold mixing a navy plaid and a black plaid -- livin' on the edge over here!!  ha! 

The neckline and sleeves are based on the Oliver & S Family Reunion Dress.  The rest is self drafted, and admittedly a little hodge-podged.

The entire top with the exception of the bottom two bands is lined with a super soft navy flannel (wool + baby skin = itchy & ouchy).

I knew I wanted it to be full so I cut and gathered quite a wide piece for the "skirt", and all was going fine...until I added the band.    

I hadn't considered how much stiffer it would make the hem and all of a sudden she was wearing a tent.  I don't have any good pictures of it, but I basically pinched in the sides to effectively pleat the band and sewed just through the bands making it slightly more bubble in shape.

After I took these pictures I also added a bit of a temporary drawstring to the very bottom band (hodge-podge, like I said - you can see it in action in the pictures of the top not being worn) but I'm not sure it adds/helps anything so it may or may not be staying.  I haven't ruled out additional tweaking.

This top feels both autumnal and academic (in the back-to-school way) to me - so you can imagine how pleased I was when she picked this wonderfully appropriate book herself.  We're on the same page, this girl & me.  At least for the moment...


  1. I think the plaids mix fabulously, and the red pants just pull it all together.

    1. Thanks! I love the red pants more and more...but have noticed a serious lack of tops in her wardrobe to go with. I guess that just means more sewing to do! ha!

  2. I actuallly love it! It is terrific. The wide band seems to go perfect with the giant button, and paired with red skinny jeans it looks perfect. That was super smart to line it! Way to go Momma!
    with love,

    1. Thanks! No point making something she's not comfortable wearing, right?

  3. oh SOOO cute! I love it! Color and everything are just perfect! hey, I've started a sewing for kids group pinterest board! I would love for you to join... just shoot me an e-mail with your pinterest info if you are interested :o) I'm on pinterest at ntcreations.e-mail:

  4. Cute! The mix of plaids is beautiful!

  5. Love this top and it looks so cute with those pants!!!!-liZ