Monday, April 22, 2013

Ric Rac Skirt

A very generous mom at pre-school has been passing on her younger daughter's clothes as she outgrows them and I wanted to offer a little "thank you."

I'd never made clothes for anyone else's kids before - only my own.  For that reason, as well as the numerous stories I've heard from their mom about how picky these little girls are about their clothes, I was nervous - but decided it was time.  I'm feeling enough confidence to pass along the sewing wealth, if you will.  Lord knows E's closet is pretty full and only getting fuller!

So I did it.  This skirt is actually the second thing I made for M's classmate - the first didn't feel right to me so I scrapped it.  I know she loves pink.  I hoped she'd love ric rac - I've been hoarding it and it was starting to feel sad.  Solved!  Happy ric rac!

I also made it double layered to add to the girliness.  Girly girl all the way.  My favorite waistband on an elastic-waist skirt, too - the top stitching combined with stiff non-roll elastic give such a nice finish.

All that was left was to wrap it up and slap on a big bright bow!  (Inspiration here - although I didn't use this template - I just winged it.)

I'm glad I didn't let my fear/nerves stop me from giving this.  I got a text from the beneficiary's mom this afternoon saying she was sitting with her skirt, just "petting" it over an over.  Ha!  Success?  I'd say YES! 

Part 2: her sister's dress - coming soon.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Backfired. And What I've Been Up To.

So...this whole plan backfired a little.  The concept: two creative projects a week for a year to force myself to make time for myself.  I still think it's a great idea, theoretically.  The problem: I found that making the additional time to photograph and publish the projects was creating MORE stress - which is opposite the goal when I started the project. 

So I stopped.  Photographing and publishing, that is.  As well as stressing.

I did NOT, however, stop creating. 

And I'm excited to put out there some of what I've been working on - at a pace that motivates me, as opposed to stifling me.

I've been sewing a lot - and am feeling pretty proud of and pleased with some of the things I've been doing.  Let's just say, Baby Girl is going to have a lovely wardrobe should this weather ever actually warm up!

I've also been working on getting a better system down for actually photographing what I've made.  Winters in New England don't exactly provide the best natural daylight.  But I think I've made some progress.


There are a couple of gifts in this pile.  It's the first time I'm giving clothing that I've made away for someone else's children to wear. 

I'm a little nervous - but also really excited. I'm feeling more confident in my abilities and creations - that's the exciting part, I guess.

This is just a small four-piece representation of what I've been accomplishing the last two months.  There's more to show, and more being made.  Feeling super-inspired lately.

KCW starts next week.  I'm not officially participating this season but am thinking about making a plan of attack for the week, as sort of a dry run.  Depending on how it goes, maybe next season I'll be ready to join up for real.  Wishing myself luck!  And happy (stress-free) sewing.