Friday, May 31, 2013

Circle Skirt Dress

I made this during spring Kids Clothes Week.  And it's been hanging in the closet - teasing me - ever since.  But today it's finally warm!  No - HOT - and this dress is perfect for HOT.

The short dress/diaper cover combo is perfect for summer.  I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER to sneak a peak at a little green bum!

I started out following this tutorial at you and mie but had to take a slight detour due to some poor measurements and/or calculations on my part.  I'm usually lazy about trying garments on mid-process, but thank goodness I wrapped this around her to check buttonhole placement because if I had actually put the buttonholes in I would have found out it wouldn't GO all the way around!  I remedied by putting the front in the back and using loops instead of buttonholes. 

I left the rest of the back open, and because I used the entire circle, it overlaps quite nicely to cover her tushy unless she's completely upside down.

I used the linen-look fabric from JoAnn that I've seen pop up over and over again on other blogs.  It was my first time with it and I LOVED it.  I love the richness of the colors, I love the feel of the fabric, I love the affordable price - especially when you wait for a sale or use a coupon!  I can't wait to get and use more!

(Fresh out of the bath curls.  Her hair comes down to her shoulder blades - you'd never know it with these springs!)

There there's that green bum I've been waiting for...

And one last picture to cement my love of baby legs (even blurry ones).
Yeah for summer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bubble Pocket Shorts

I pretty much always draft my own pattern - because I enjoy the challenge, because I like the customization, and because I'd rather put the money towards more fabric (like I need it!!).  This is actually only the second pattern I've bought but after seeing all the amazing variations popping up during Kids Clothes Week this spring I decided to just go for it: Bubble Pocket Shorts by Elegance & Elephants!

I loved constructing these - great directions, and they came together surprisingly quickly considering the number of pieces.

Results in a beautiful finished garment. 

 Unfortunately, I'm not really happy with the fit on Lisi Lou right now.  She's almost 20 months, so I made the 18m/2T size and they fall a little long on her for my taste.  I like to see a lot of leg on my baby girl (see bubble skirt).  I put them in the closet for this summer - I think they're going to be perfect next year.

I'm going to try the smaller size.  I'm also going to try developing my own bubble shorts pattern with no pockets - she doesn't use them yet anyway.  Summer's quickly coming - let's see those leggies!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peplum Petals

This top was directly inspired by this top.  As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to make it.  And make it I did...sort of.

An's work is amazing - and I'm sure much more professionally finished than mine!  The outer fabric is from a vintage sheet - sooo soft (and no wrinkles!).  Perfect spring fabric.  I lined the bodice and sleeves with some pink polka dotted fabric I also had on hand.

My two favorite parts are the blue buttons, rescued from an old shirt (I'm such a sucker for a good row of buttons!)...

and how there is one pink flower at the seam on the front that matches up so well  you'd think I'd planned it.  I didn't - but I'm tickled about it nonetheless.

It's just a basic bodice that I drafted from a t-shirt for another project, then modified slightly for this top - and it fits her perfectly...well, now it does.

It was my first attempt at a flutter sleeve, and I didn't do enough research - a little too much winging this time.  Winging is actually an appropriate word because she looked like she was about to take flight the first time I put it on her, the sleeves were so poofy!  I pinched them in a little.  They are still a bit bigger than I would have planned on, but not so much that I'm going to make any more alterations.
I lined the sleeves with the pink dots, too.  I like how finished it looks.

 I'm so grateful to all the wonderful sewing blogs out there like Straight Grain that share their creations to inspire us - sometimes literally, sometimes just igniting a spark that lights a fire and gets us moving creatively.


My little Lisi Lou (and her wardrobe) thanks you, too.

An's going to be putting out a pattern for her version of this top!  yeah!!  With lots of variations, as is her generous way.  Can't wait!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bubble Skirt

For this skirt I used Strait Grain's free (!) bubble skirt pattern & tutorial.

I also made a diaper cover to match the lining.  I'm still working on perfecting my pattern.  They tend to be a bit baggy - and I like my diaper cover to fit more like a, well, diaper.  I also had a slip of the shears while cutting so Lisi Lou has some secret love on her bum.

I probably should have made the skirt a little bit longer - but if you can't show off your tushy when you're a toddler, when can you?  (Don't answer that, please.)

It's a great skirt for sandbox playing...

And Mommy hand holding...

And unrelated, but of note - check out these post-swim-lesson curls!  Dreamy.

She'll probably end up growing out of them like her brother did, but for now - we're girls with curls.  It's our thing.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Chevron in Stitches

First of all: I'm in love with this top.  Just putting that out there, disclaimer style.  It's an up-cycle from an old skirt of mine that hasn't fit me well in ages but I just couldn't part with. And I'm so happy I never did.
I again used this pattern in one fabric instead of two.  The hem is a bit curved, too, because I used the existing hem.  

And look!  At how it all lines up!  So pretty...I may or may not have done some petting and a little success wiggle over this...may or may not...just saying...

And it fits my little Lisi Lou wonderfly.  (Please excuse the drool.)

I love the pink and white buttons.  I've had them for forever - I love when I hold on to something waiting for just the right project - then find that project and have it all come together just as imagined- totally making it worth the wait.  And pigtails.  I love pigtails, too.

It's the perfect top to wear in a Magnolia petal shower, I believe.



Friday, May 3, 2013

Ric Rac's Sister

My last post was about a skirt I made for one of M's class-mates.  She has a little sister whom I couldn't, in good conscience, leave out.
She's more open-minded about color (for now) than her pink-obsessed big sister, so I had a little more leeway - and a lot more fabric options!

 This pretty blue floral is/was a vintage sheet - nice and soft and light for summer.  I modified this pattern - used one fabric instead of two, changed the shoulder, and added a little flutter sleeve.

And pockets!  My first attempt at inset pockets!  And probably last for a while.  They weren't my idea of a good time - they made my head hurt.  I don't know why I had such a problem wrapping my brain around it, but I did.  And it sucked.  But they're in and they hold stuff so worth it, I suppose.

Wrapped up - ready to go. 

Her mom said she put it on immediately upon opening the package and twirled around the house in her "ballerina dress." Happy girls - happy me.