Friday, May 31, 2013

Circle Skirt Dress

I made this during spring Kids Clothes Week.  And it's been hanging in the closet - teasing me - ever since.  But today it's finally warm!  No - HOT - and this dress is perfect for HOT.

The short dress/diaper cover combo is perfect for summer.  I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER to sneak a peak at a little green bum!

I started out following this tutorial at you and mie but had to take a slight detour due to some poor measurements and/or calculations on my part.  I'm usually lazy about trying garments on mid-process, but thank goodness I wrapped this around her to check buttonhole placement because if I had actually put the buttonholes in I would have found out it wouldn't GO all the way around!  I remedied by putting the front in the back and using loops instead of buttonholes. 

I left the rest of the back open, and because I used the entire circle, it overlaps quite nicely to cover her tushy unless she's completely upside down.

I used the linen-look fabric from JoAnn that I've seen pop up over and over again on other blogs.  It was my first time with it and I LOVED it.  I love the richness of the colors, I love the feel of the fabric, I love the affordable price - especially when you wait for a sale or use a coupon!  I can't wait to get and use more!

(Fresh out of the bath curls.  Her hair comes down to her shoulder blades - you'd never know it with these springs!)

There there's that green bum I've been waiting for...

And one last picture to cement my love of baby legs (even blurry ones).
Yeah for summer!

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