Monday, May 6, 2013

Chevron in Stitches

First of all: I'm in love with this top.  Just putting that out there, disclaimer style.  It's an up-cycle from an old skirt of mine that hasn't fit me well in ages but I just couldn't part with. And I'm so happy I never did.
I again used this pattern in one fabric instead of two.  The hem is a bit curved, too, because I used the existing hem.  

And look!  At how it all lines up!  So pretty...I may or may not have done some petting and a little success wiggle over this...may or may not...just saying...

And it fits my little Lisi Lou wonderfly.  (Please excuse the drool.)

I love the pink and white buttons.  I've had them for forever - I love when I hold on to something waiting for just the right project - then find that project and have it all come together just as imagined- totally making it worth the wait.  And pigtails.  I love pigtails, too.

It's the perfect top to wear in a Magnolia petal shower, I believe.



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