Friday, May 10, 2013

Bubble Skirt

For this skirt I used Strait Grain's free (!) bubble skirt pattern & tutorial.

I also made a diaper cover to match the lining.  I'm still working on perfecting my pattern.  They tend to be a bit baggy - and I like my diaper cover to fit more like a, well, diaper.  I also had a slip of the shears while cutting so Lisi Lou has some secret love on her bum.

I probably should have made the skirt a little bit longer - but if you can't show off your tushy when you're a toddler, when can you?  (Don't answer that, please.)

It's a great skirt for sandbox playing...

And Mommy hand holding...

And unrelated, but of note - check out these post-swim-lesson curls!  Dreamy.

She'll probably end up growing out of them like her brother did, but for now - we're girls with curls.  It's our thing.

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