Sunday, February 8, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Sweater & Ritas

And just like that, KCW is, once again over...but one more outfit first.

The purple was a sweater my mom passed on to me when she no longer wanted it.  The pattern is self drafted, but I cut it out a couple of weeks ago and I thought I had cut my a-line sweatshirt pattern, but it's looking more like a swing tee to me.  No matter.

I had planned on turning the floral to the inside, but once I attached it I loved the match-up so much I decided to leave it showing.  (It's a few scraps of the same fabric I used here.)

The pants are Lovely Rita Skinnies.  I've made these pants so many times in the past, but it was time to size up.  If my memory about something I cut out two weeks ago fails me, then you won't be surprised to hear that I don't remember what size I cut for these that have been sitting around for a couple of months.

I need to figure it out, though, because (other than needing to take in the elastic a little) the fit is pretty great and I have a ton of pants I've been saving for just this purpose.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Kitty Cat Sweater

Maybe it's nesting, maybe it's just time to clean house, maybe it's the tag sale my mom has roped me into hosting this spring - whatever the reason, I've been on a purging spree.  One beneficiary/victim was Lisi Loo's dresser.  I finally cleaned out all her out of season and too-small clothes and she went from an overflowing to practically bare shirt drawer.  Kids Clothes Week was perfectly timed for me this season.  She got a Lucy Tunic, a floral sweatshirt, and now a "comfy-cosey" (as she would say) and super-cute (as I would) new sweater.

It's my favorite semi-self-drafted long sleeve swing tee pattern.  Previous versions here, here, here, and here.

The main black part was a sweater dress, and the gray at the neck, wrists, and hem is from an old pair of knit shorts.

Embroidery is not a skill I've had much practice in, so don't look too closely, but it's at least recognizable enough that this little lady knows it's a kitty cat.


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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Leotard

Lisi "The Gymnast" Loo has been wearing a couple of ballet leotards (translation: pastel with no shine or sparkle) to her gymnastics classes since she started them last summer.  Now, I am totally fine with these leotards, as was she, UNTIL she switched from the Mommy-and-Me classes to the "big girl" classes at the beginning of the year.  She's in awe of what the other girls show up in - there are sparkles and shine and animal prints in eye-blindingly-bright colors galore.  They hurt my eyes and are way more money than I want to be spending on a three year old's athletic wear.  So, of course, that means making my own.

The pattern is self drafted and based on the leotards she has.  The fabric is some synthetic stuff that was a dress I thrifted a while back.  It was probably thick enough for a single layer, but I fully lined it with black knit from an old shirt that has good stretch and recovery.

This was my first time using fold-over elastic, and I could use a little more practice, but it was as great as everyone says and I'll definitely be using it again - probably to make another leotard.

This whipped up super fast - the most time consuming part was fitting and pinning the elastic.  Oh - and in addition to fold-over elastic, I'm now also a convert to wonder-clips because I've never poked myself as much as I did making this little leotard.  Worth it, though.  She thinks her flowery leotard is just as great as any sparkle or shine out there.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Sweatshirt (aka Thinking Spring!)

Next up for Kids Clothes Week - Upcycled Edition: a new sweatshirt made from an old sweatshirt (the blue), scraps of an old tee shirt (the green), and bits of a vintage sheet (the floral).

The pattern is self drafted and based on this sweatshirt (still a favorite) that I made last KCW.

I did widen it a little since this sweatshirt fleece has close to zero stretch.  I think I overestimated how much to add, and I wish I had made the bottom a little narrower to compensate, too, but they aren't issues I can't live with.

The sleeves are from the old sheet, as are the flowers I added.  I change my mind about those flowers every three minutes.  Sometimes I think they're the perfect touch; sometimes I think they're cute but not really my style - too much of a stretch for me; sometimes I think they make it look way too home-made.  Any opinions?

When I am liking them, though, I am especially liking that the way they wrap around to the back on the side and over the shoulder.

We've been having some super snowy weather around here lately, with a snow day yesterday and a delay this morning.  Cancellations aren't ideal - only because the last day of school and my due date are right on top of each other and every day they cancel gets tacked onto the end of the year.  Delays, however, are lovely.  Still counts as a school day and gives me a bit of extra time at the start of the day to finish up a project, get the pictures taken, and maybe even start writing a post if things go extra smoothly!  Hooray for Delays!!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Lucy

It's back!  Kids Clothes Week (where you commit to dedicating at least one hour each day for the week to the process of sewing for your kids)!  The theme for this week is "Upcycle" (cutting up something that wasn't just yardage of fabric to make something new of something old) - and, of course, I was up for the challenge!  

First up is a Lucy Tunic (pattern by Shwin Designs) made from an old wool skirt of mine and lined with an old blue sheet.

I've made this top twice before.  The first one was way too big at the time (I'll probably put her in it this spring).  The second one was made out of some green wool (blend??) I picked up at an estate sale and in the next size down and she got so much wear out of it all last winter.

This one was made in the bigger size like the first (size 2), but with a nice heavy fabric like the second.  

This pattern is advertised as a stand-alone tunic, but I really like it in the heavy weight over a long sleeve tee as a cardigan alternative.  

Instead of buttonholes I used big snaps so the buttons are just decorative (and sewn on with fun yellow thread that I forgot to get a close-up of).  The buttons and snaps were actually extras from a cardigan I plan on upcycling later this week - bonus!  The only change I made was skipping the pockets.  They don't get used, and I didn't really feel like it.

I love the flared shape of this top - especially from the back.  It feels sophisticated, but not too serious, and youthful but not too "childish".  To me, anyway.

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