Sunday, February 8, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Sweater & Ritas

And just like that, KCW is, once again over...but one more outfit first.

The purple was a sweater my mom passed on to me when she no longer wanted it.  The pattern is self drafted, but I cut it out a couple of weeks ago and I thought I had cut my a-line sweatshirt pattern, but it's looking more like a swing tee to me.  No matter.

I had planned on turning the floral to the inside, but once I attached it I loved the match-up so much I decided to leave it showing.  (It's a few scraps of the same fabric I used here.)

The pants are Lovely Rita Skinnies.  I've made these pants so many times in the past, but it was time to size up.  If my memory about something I cut out two weeks ago fails me, then you won't be surprised to hear that I don't remember what size I cut for these that have been sitting around for a couple of months.

I need to figure it out, though, because (other than needing to take in the elastic a little) the fit is pretty great and I have a ton of pants I've been saving for just this purpose.

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  1. I like the detail you got with the floral binding.

  2. Lovely outfit! I also love the floral detail!