Wednesday, February 4, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Leotard

Lisi "The Gymnast" Loo has been wearing a couple of ballet leotards (translation: pastel with no shine or sparkle) to her gymnastics classes since she started them last summer.  Now, I am totally fine with these leotards, as was she, UNTIL she switched from the Mommy-and-Me classes to the "big girl" classes at the beginning of the year.  She's in awe of what the other girls show up in - there are sparkles and shine and animal prints in eye-blindingly-bright colors galore.  They hurt my eyes and are way more money than I want to be spending on a three year old's athletic wear.  So, of course, that means making my own.

The pattern is self drafted and based on the leotards she has.  The fabric is some synthetic stuff that was a dress I thrifted a while back.  It was probably thick enough for a single layer, but I fully lined it with black knit from an old shirt that has good stretch and recovery.

This was my first time using fold-over elastic, and I could use a little more practice, but it was as great as everyone says and I'll definitely be using it again - probably to make another leotard.

This whipped up super fast - the most time consuming part was fitting and pinning the elastic.  Oh - and in addition to fold-over elastic, I'm now also a convert to wonder-clips because I've never poked myself as much as I did making this little leotard.  Worth it, though.  She thinks her flowery leotard is just as great as any sparkle or shine out there.

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