Friday, January 31, 2014

KCW Day Four

Boy sewing!  What?  For real!  Three boy shirts in ONE MONTH!

Two more Recess Raglans.  Both made from grown-up t-shirts.

The blue one somehow turned out a little smaller, but it'll be fine without an undershirt.  The kid and I are probably going to collaborate on a little freezer paper stenciling on this one since it's so plain.

I've mentioned my previous frustrations with this pattern - but the red one turned out just like I though a recess raglan should.  I don't know why this one was different than all the others, but it's just encouraging enough to give it one more shot - maybe short sleeves in the spring.

'Til then, I'm all raglanned out.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week 4

A portrait a week with the big camera.



Year to date can be seen here.

KCW Day Three

Yesterday I promised a break from neutrals - and break from them we did!

Another pair of Lovely Rita Skinnies.  I just love this pattern so much!  I've made them four times now.  Previously in red, in gray, and in dots!  Maybe it's time for a plain pair...

I've only ever made them by cutting up another perfectly good pair of pants - and this is no exception.  These were on clearance at Old Navy for, I think, about $7.  Can we take a break for a minute and talk about how crazy it makes me to hear about everyone out there buying thrift store and clearance clothes for only a dollar or two?  I know everything's more expensive up here, just the way it is...but c'mon!  I think I've finally accepted that I'm not going to be finding those kinds of prices and have moved on to the mindset of: would I pay this much for the garment I'm going to make from it?  And yes, I would pay $7 for these pants.

(This shirt was made during last KCW - still in heavy rotation!)

I wanted her to turn around so I could take a picture of the back.  Adventures in the art of direction taking.  We finally got there, though.

Also, for anyone following along for a while, you may notice the return of the cell-phone-as-prop.

I didn't even try to say no.  She did so good with Day One and Day Two that I figured I owed her a shoot her way.  It's the least I could do.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KCW Day Two

As with day one, my garment completed yesterday for day two was also previously started.  I spent Tuesday's hour finishing up the hemming, button-holing, and button attaching.   There was A LOT of button-holing and attaching...

This is the second time I've done this remix of CINO's Junebug dress.  The first time was just over a year ago.  If you want to see a year's worth of baby hair growth, I recommend checking out that post.  Also: pre-glasses.  It's like a whole different kid.

I love those rows of buttons...and the clever little pocket.  She, of course, agrees with me about the buttons.  Pockets aren't really her thing, though - she likes to be able to show off her treasures, not hide them away.

The fabric is a pretty heavy linen that was passed down - actually with the same ticking and flannel I used for Day One.  And that ticking is what I used to line this dress as well.

I feel like I should probably have more to say about this dress than is coming to me right now.  I feel kind of like this:

Oh - just thought of something.  In case you're worried about this being the week of boring neutrals - I do have some snazzy new pants for Lisi Loo that I finished up today that I'll  be posting tomorrrow.  Definitely not neutral - although they are blue.  I can live with a theme of blue, though.  Blue is a much more colorful word than neutral, after all.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KCW Day One

It's that time again!  KCW (aka Kids Clothes Week)!  The objective is to spend an hour a day for the week sewing for your kids - and I usually go all gung ho and just sew my brains out for the week, but I think this week it probably will be only an hour or so each day.  And actually, this week will be a lot about finishing up previously started the two here today.  First...a new roller skate tunic:

I made my other during KCW last summer - this is just the plain and simple version though.

A sort of ticking stripe passed-down fabric on the outside, and a super cozy passed-down navy flannel for the lining.  And a couple little brown triangle buttons.  Girl's really into buttons lately.

Now, we live in New England.  I don't think it's even supposed to hit 20 degrees today, so short sleeves aren't totally practical for a winter wardrobe.  So I made what I'm calling a peplum cardigan.

I used the same ponte de roma that I made the bow out of for the Big Bow Swing Tee.  Self drafted pattern.

I like the two pieces but I'm not sure this combo is the best option for either.  I think the cardigan will look better with a simpler and slimmer tee underneath, and I have a more traditional cardigan cut and on my sewing table that I think will be better with this tunic.  

Lastly - since I'm always so quick to complain about taking pictures of this little lady, I would like to take a moment and apologize publicly to her.  I may take that apology back tomorrow, but for today - she was an ANGEL!  Walked right over to the wall - stood straight and still!  Always keeps me guessing, this one.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 3

A portrait a week with the big camera.

(it might be time for the real thing.  eek.)
(oh curly ponytail, how I treasure you)
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

His & Hers Recess Raglans

I had intended to make this two posts, the first of which was to be published earlier this week.  But we've had snow days and two year molars and a few other hiccups to that plan, so, even though they are in no way matching, I'm putting them in one post for the sake of just-getting-it-done-already!

His & hers recess raglans:

We'll start with his...because he was so lovely to photograph, what with actual cooperation and all.

The striped fabric is a french terry from Girl Charlee - found here as of this typing, but looks like it's almost gone.  The bands are a ribbed knit I got at Joann ages ago.

He looks pretty miserable in these photos, but he's just a pretty serious kid a lot of the time.  Nothing a little kitty photo-bomb couldn't cure...

In stark (three year age) difference, I really thought, for a little while, that publishing pictures of her thrashing about red-faced on the floor was the only way I was going to get modeled shots of her shirt.  Then I made oatmeal, she "helped", and I took my shots.  Not ideal, but done.

I would have liked to make it long sleeved, but this was an upcycle (really a destruction) of a woman's shirt from Old Navy clearance and I just couldn't make it work with the amount of fabric I had.

I'm not in love with this shirt.  There's something that doesn't sit right with me about the way this pattern comes together for me - especially the necklines (I'm hoping his shrinks up a little once washed).  I don't think it's the pattern because I've seen plenty of lovely versions sewn by other people.  Maybe raglans just aren't "me." Who knows.  I  have two more cut out (for the boy!) to sew up during KCW next week.  Then I may retire the pattern.  What won't I retire?

Loving how cute this crazy kid makes my crazy (and decidedly not cute) 50's kitchen look.  

Thanks, love.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 2

A portrait a week of my babies with the big camera.

(freshly shorn)

(tough morning)

Whole collection (to be) can be seen here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bimaa Classic

It's another Bimaa...straight-up, as written this time.  I'm on a bit of a knit kick, lately.  Before my hiatus, I ordered a bunch of fabric online - I'm still working on mastering the online-knit-purchasing so that I actually buy what I think I'm buying - anyway, now I'm sewing my way through it.  I bought this sweater knit from Girl Charlee - I think this is the same.

I ordered it with the boy kid in mind, but the black stripes are just slightly sheer.  The girl kid always wears a tank/onesie under her shirts so she inherited the fabric instead.  'Cause she needed more shirts, right?  ha!  Who am I kidding...I'd be sewing for her regardless.  I just.can't.stop.myself!


And a little of whatever this was...

In other news, I think my prepped pile for KCW is a little extreme.  I got a little carried away and it resulted in more cut pieces than I think it humanly possible to assemble in just one week - oops!  I guess we'll just have to see where the week takes us, won't we.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Bow Swing Tee

I know I promised no more swing tees this season...but I just couldn't help myself.  This fabric -- an oatmealy stretchy french-terry-knit fabric that is oh-so soft but no longer available from where I ordered it from and where I would order 10 more yards of it from if it WAS still available -- well, it NEEDED a fool-proof fail-safe pattern or I wouldn't have been able to bear cutting into it.  So, you see, and I hope you forgive, a swing tee it had to be.

I also had this chevrony (I'm so specific this post) ponte de roma that I used to make a nice big bow for added interest.  I'm pretty sure I saw the idea on MADE a while ago but can't find any related posts there now.  I didn't follow any tutorial or reference any blog post when I made it, anyway.  Wing-it is my middle name. 

It ended up being the perfect color/texture/size to really compliment the top without being too distracting.  

As far as the fit goes, it's the exact same pattern I used for all the other swing tees, so no surprises there (kinda the point).  And Happy New Year to me - this was a rather fun shoot!

Full of dancing, singing...

and crazy faces:

Just couldn't help myself.

(Oh!  And you can find her brother's tee pee tee here.)