Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tee Pee Tee

Boy oh boy!  The thing about this kid is: he doesn't care how much or how little effort I put into making him something, and he doesn't even care if I don't do it very often - so on the rare occasions he requests something "made for" him, how can I say no?

To celebrate his birthday tee pee, I made him a tee pee tee.  Actually, it's a store-bought shirt (Side note: I just this week figured out that RTW = ready to wear.  Slow on the uptake over here.) that I freezer paper stenciled.  I used one the free stencils here - check it out - it's a really great collection and I can't wait to use some more of them.

I finished it at night after he'd gone to bed and put it outside his door.  The next morning he was dressed before I even got out of bed.  If I knew he could get ready that fast I would have painted him a shirt every night!  ha!  Anyway...he loves his tee pee tee.  And we celebrate with dancing.  Kid's got some "moves" (not to be confused with moves).

We call that last one: "The End."

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