Thursday, November 14, 2013

G is for Grandpa's Buttons & Grandma's Snaps

This is my second version of The Lucy Tunic by Shwin & Shwin.

Lisi Loo was swimming the first version, so this time I made the 12m size.  It's still a bit wide in the neck opening, but the fit is much better overall.

The green wool was purchased at an estate sale and I had JUST enough to make this top.  I still kind of can't believe I got all the pieces out of what I had and that all the stripes line up like they do!

The lining is just some navy quilting cotton.  I used the navy for the pockets, too.

The buttons (as post title would suggest) were off my Grandfather's uniform from his service in the Navy during WWII.  (I didn't remove them, they were passed on to me in a baggy with the uniform tag that had his name written on it.)

Instead of adding big button holes, I sewed in snaps that (as the post title would also suggest) my Grandmother (other side of the family) gave me when she was paring down her own notions supplies.

I'm linking up to No Big Dill's Sew All 26 here: G is for Grandpa's Buttons & Grandma's Snaps (and Green!).

And also...girly...because this crazy teenager hip lean is killing me!  ha!

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