Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EmmaJean Dress

This is a second version of the self drafted pattern sewn up during KCW - formerly known as The What-IS-this-color? Dress.  Now known as EmmaJean.

(Sorry for the weird way the sleeves are laying.  I was very distracted while taking these pictures, which is probably clear.)

This version is made from woven fabric instead of knit, isn't lined, and best of all - no heming!  All edges trimmed in self-made bias tape.  The elastic in the sleeves was run through the bias tape, too.

And look at the sweet red button!  If feels so good using up a random button.  One down, five thousand to go. Baby steps.

I'm really enjoying this silhouette.  It feels really versatile - and is so far proving to be! 

The only (non-aesthetic) change I'll make next time is to open the arm hole a little more - it was just the tiniest bit of a squeeze getting those elbows through.  

And, just in case anyone is worried these pictures came to us with uncharacteristic ease, we'll close with a photographic description of how our day has been:

I feel like the blank stare, open mouth, dirty face, crazy hair, and crooked glasses really say it all.  Here's looking at you, Tomorrow!

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  1. oh my word - this dress is so stinkin' cute!! love, love it and the bias tape binding is not only brilliant but looks so terrific too!