Monday, October 21, 2013

KCW - The What-IS-this-color? Dress

Kids Clothes Week!  It's finally here!  And so is my first finished project.

First things first: I admit I started this over the weekend.  It has been all cut out and just staring at me and I couldn't help myself.  I did spend my Monday morning finishing it today, though.

This fabric is so weird.  It's some kind of synthetic knit with an interesting texture/pattern. You can see it best in the picture below.

 I was worried that texture might make it a bit see-through, and possibly a little itchy, so the dress is fully lined (even the sleeves) in plain white jersey knit.  

Even weirder is the color.  It makes me crazy in these pictures...but really it's just as strange in person.  At first you look at it and it's red.  Then it looks orange.  Then it looks orangey-red.  Then you go cross-eyed and have to look away.  

The pattern is self drafted and I'm pretty tickled with how it turned out.  It should work just fine with a single layer of a sturdy knit or even a woven fabric - I may just have to try both.

I don't know what's up with me - but I'm CRAZY excited about all this sewing this week.  Or as my kid would say: "Super duper ooper frooper crooper excited!!"  Totally.

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  1. This dress is darling! I love that unique!

    1. Thank you! Isn't it neat? I have a ton left, too, but I think it'll have to be set aside for a while - too distinctive to use again right away, probably.

  2. I love that colour - it's coming up orange with an underlying hint of brown on my screen - very Autumn (or Fall if you're in the northern hemisphere!). Well done on drafting your own pattern - I'm still at the "read instructions 10 times and still sew it wrong" phase - lol.

    1. I totally do that. It's even worse when I sew my OWN patterns wrong. How do I not know how to put together something I made up? ha!