Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW - Elbow Patched Cardigan

Next up on my Kids Clothes Week list...a new cardigan with a little something special:

But before we get to that...can we just take a moment to address Lisi Loo's new glasses?

We're still getting used to them and I find them both adorable and ridiculous...in the most adorable way, of course.  The selection of tiny glasses, as you might guess, is very limited.  Add to that that she's sort of between baby size and kid size, and that she's still at an age where her head is growing at a decent pace, and that we do have good vision insurance that allows her a free pair (to a certain cost) every calendar year but requires us to shop at a few specific locations - and you get a Mama who just wants to go back to bed.  She'll probably look back at these pictures when she's grown and ask me what was wrong with me...but I kind of love them.  And general consensus based on reaction by strangers on that street is the same.  

Okay...back to the sewing.
Last fall I made Lisi Loo a few cardigans and she ended up wearing  them constantly, so I decided she needed a few more for this winter.  Again it's a self-drafted pattern.  I used cardigans from the thrift store which makes this a SUPER quick sew - no hems, no buttons, no button holes - and I usually try to find a tighter knight that won't fray so I don't even have to finish the seam allowances (although I did on this one).

(I'm a little disappointed I didn't get a better shot with it straightened out, and maybe buttoned more, but as my pre-schooler told me the other day: "You get what you get and you don't get upset!")

I wanted to spice it up just a tad and have been looking for an appropriate project for elbow patches for a while.  Plain cardigan + flowery elbow patches = perfect pairing!

The floral was an old shirt from my up-cycling dresser and is pretty thin so I used some fusible webbing and some plain white t-shirt knit on the other side to stiffen it up.  Worked perfectly.

It ended up a little bigger than I intended, so for future sweaters I may have to draft a 3rd cardigan pattern somewhere between this one and the one from last year.  Worth it.

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By the way...the second picture in rotation on the main Kids Clothes Week page is MINE!?!?!?  How nutso is that?  I am so flattered - and proud!


  1. Glasses are ADORABLE! love 'em:) And the cardigan is terrific - the floral patches are such a great touch. I think I need to borrow the cardigan idea, though I've never sewn one. So great to be able to throw one over a favorite tshirt while still staying warm.

    1. Go for it! So easy - especially if you avoid loose knits and up-cycle an existing cardigan. If you're looking for a tutorial there's some good info here: http://www.deliacreates.com/2013/01/baby-cardigans.html. I don't follow these instructions exactly, but they're a great starting place. Good luck!

  2. Oh my! I loooove those elbow patches! Must copy immediately! I love everything you've done for KCW this fall (I'm catching up on my blog reading and I'm working backwards)