Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birthday Girl!!

Lisi Loo is TWO!


to this:

in two years (give or take a few days).  How does that happen?

These aren't her official birthday photos - just a few I snapped this morning after we got home from our errands (on her birthday - how mean am I?).  "Day of" shots, if you will.  The puppy she's toting around was her gift from Brother, and the chocolate milk was a special treat she picked out at Starbucks.

This girl makes me SO CRAZY!  In an amazingly beautiful well as a literal way.  ha!  Let's just say, she keeps life interesting.  

A few fun facts:
*Her favorite letters are O and R...although E has recently become a contender.  We haven't worked on her letters as much as her brother and I did at this age, but just like he did, she let me know when she was ready to learn - and once she was ready there was no stopping her.  We are only a couple confusing letters shy of knowing the whole alphabet!  (For the record, MY favorite letter is W - pronounced "Dai-Yoooo".)
*She is an amazing snuggler.  
*When she's exited to see you and yells out at the top of her lungs "HI MAW!!!" or "HI YA!!!" (Ya = Dad) there really is nothing that makes you feel more loved.
*Her glasses get her a lot of attention...and I don't think the blond curls hurt either.  She's totally gracious when people (especially elderly people) want to love on her a little.  She says "Hi!" and "Bye!" and flashes a little grin.  She also says "Tee too!" when people tell her they like her glasses, but most don't recognize that as "Thank you."  I do, though.  Hooray for manners!
*She is a little athlete already.  Can climb anything she wants, but I'm not scared for her because she's super careful and knows her limits.  She throws a ball better than I do.  And she can RUN!  Not walk quickly with a bounce or a shuffle...actually RUN.  

I'm nuts for this kid.  Always have been, always will be.  

And now we're off to make sure that, when she looks back on her first 730 days of life, THIS is the very best of them! 

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