Friday, October 25, 2013

KCW - Long Sleeve Swing Tee

Last KCW I made not one, but two swing tees for Lisi Loo using this pattern & tutorial.  I loved (still do) them and they got a lot of wear over the summer.  Unfortunately our warm weather has passed so they're not very practical anymore.  Solution: sleeves!

The body and neckline are true to the original pattern, but I opened the arm holes, narrowed the shoulders, and also added a slightly angled seam to the shoulders.  Oh - and I added sleeves of course.  They are pleated at the shoulder just a little.

I was pretty proud of myself for getting a few shots of her without holding my phone today.  Do you even recognize her?

It was thanks to "If You're Happy and You Know It".

If you're happy and  you know it spin around!

Then she realized the music was coming phone.  Doh.  Let the begging commence.

Back to the drawing board.

Because you can't really expect me to say "no" to that??  Can you?

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  1. OMG. It's perfect. And she looks adorable. Look at that eye contact, even with the phone! :)

    1. She's in a bit of a "Cheeeese!" phase right now...and I'm totally taking advantage.