Monday, October 7, 2013

While I Sew

Monday mornings we drop Brother off at school at 9.  We head out to music time at the library around 10.  We've fallen into a little routine to fill that hour-ish gap.  It involves a sewing machine, a snack, and a few free toddler friendly apps.  Alphabet?  check.  Shapes and colors?  check.  Puzzles?  check.  PBS kids?  check.

I know there are a lot of opinions on kids and technology and media and such.  For us, this is a nice time for her to have some independent screen time without her big brother trying to take all the decision making away from her, while still being close to me so we can talk ( I can talk) about what she's hearing and seeing and learning.  Independence with assistance.  And kisses.  Seriously...those cheeks.

(If you're wondering: "Why isn't she talking about sewing?" you can go here...although I did make her top back BTB (before the blog) if that helps.)

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