Sunday, October 27, 2013

KCW - Fuzzy Shoulder Swing Tee

I feel a little ho-hum about what I've put out over the past week overall.  Individually, I like the pieces, and they're good staples that will get a lot of wear, but I felt like last KCW had more pretty to show for it.  I felt really proud of what I put out last KCW, and this week - just kind of ho-hum.  UNTIL TODAY.

I had no idea what my next step was going to be after I finished the last swing tee.  I still wanted to try to use a little trim as I had previously challenged myself to do, but was not feeling inspired.  I decided to make another swing tee.  Then thought of embellishing it somehow with some trim.  Then *kabam* - inspiration - shoulder patches!  (My 80's childhood keeps rearing it's tacky head and making me type "shoulder pads")  I've been wanted to try them for a while...perfect opportunity!

The tee is actually fabric from a men's sweater.  There was a collar on the sweater - the edge of that became my neck band.  

The furry shoulder pieces were cut from what looks like it was some kind of collar at some point.  I don't know where it came from.  It was knit on the back so, instead of setting it in, I just top stitched the four sides on.   No worries about bulky seams that way, too. Easy peasy.

I just love the shape of this top so much.  Swingy, loose, but not oversized looking.  Comfy, cozy, casual but not lazy.  Two would probably be enough...but since when is "have enough" a reason not to sew something new?

If you've been playing along here, you'll probably notice that I was once again able to get pictures without my phone in her hands.  Two in a row - on a roll!  The secret this time?  Yogurt covered raisins (hence her full cheeks in the top photo) and a little spider known as itsy bitsy.  He sure does love climbing up that waterspout...

Isn't this what makes sharing our sewing adventures so wonderful?  I was stuck, I was uninspired, I was even a little down on sewing.  The shoulder patches weren't even the highlight of that post that got me going (those pants totally stole the show).  And I've seen a million and one other fabulous shoulder patched garments online and in person in the past.  But the right image at the right time helped me make some magic.  Inspiration is a great gift - thanks to everyone who puts it out there.

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