Monday, October 14, 2013

Kids Clothes Week - a Plan

So I spent most of last week thinking that Kids Clothes Week started TODAY.  If fact, it wasn't until I sat down to put together this post on Friday that I realized I was a week ahead of the game.  And that's how I'm choosing to view it...ahead of the game.

I have a plan...kind of. More like goals.  And hopefully they'll be that much easier to accomplish since I now have time to prepare even more.  The only problem will be keeping my hands off my already cut and ready strong Amy.

So, here are some goals:

I want to use patterns of my own drafting, for the most part.  I do have one more pair of Lovely Ritas planned, but other than that I'm getting back to my roots.  I love purchased patterns, but when I first fell back in love with sewing I was too uncertain my skills would be worth the investment.  I know that most patterns are not a huge investment, but it still felt like there was a significant chance I was throwing away that money.  If I want to throw my money away, I can think of much less frustrating ways to do it.  *Ahem.Starbucks.Ahem*.  So, anyway, I used some tutorials and did a lot of winging-it and turns out I wasn't so terrible.  Did everything turn out perfectly?  Of course not.  But much more turned out wearable than not.  And it was ALL ME.  No credit needed to be given.  No "Thanks.  I used a pattern by _____." And it felt good.

Next: I have a bunch of trims I picked up at various tag and estate sales this summer.  Not just bias tape, piping, and ric rac, but pretty decorative ribbon and lace trims.  I have yet to touch a single one and I'd like to do something about that.  Trims frighten me a little, and I'm not sure why, but I'd like to face my fears next week.

Lastly, I can't spend a penny.  Everything I use has to be in this house already.  Not much of a challenge luckily (or sadly?).  This is where hoarding comes in handy.

I already have two patterns drafted and pieces cut for them.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the trim "challenge" yet, though...luckily I have and extra week to figure it out!  And maybe switch to a bigger pattern binder...eek!

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  1. so excited to see what you have planned for next week! You are certainly well prepared:) I especially like your challenge to use your own patterns and what you already own. I'm always so tempted to buy the "latest and greatest" in fabric but have to remind myself to use what I have already!