Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthday TeePee

Looky looky...

This was my boy's birthday present.  TeePee's are all over the place.  There are a lot of options online but they're expensive.  After making one, I know why!  ha!  Worth it, though.  I love this thing - and more importantly, so do the kids.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's the perfect size for a bunch of pillows and blankets, a boy, a girl, their mama, and some story books.

The basic details: they kids' Poppy assisted again - he cut two 8 foot 2x6 boards into three pieces each and drilled a hole in one end of each 12 inches from the end.  I strung a rope through the boards and tied them together.  I set it up the way I wanted it, making sure to evenly space the "legs" - except for the front two since I wanted the opening a little bigger.

Then I made things hard on myself.  There are plenty of tutorials online for draping your fabric and trimming it to fit, but I wanted a casing around each post so that the cover was attached to the boards and I could just fold it up, move it, and unfold it again without worrying about making adjustments or re-wrapping anything.  I also wanted to make sure it looked neat (as in not messy) and I was able to figure out how to get all the raw edges on insides of the casings.  Took forever, and as my geometry is a bit rusty, I was holding my breath when I finally finished and got the thing up.  PERFECT FIT!  

This is my favorite view:

No...wait...THIS is my favorite view:

Right now it's living in the family/play room next to the play kitchen but eventually it'll be moved up to his bedroom - he's excited to "camp" in it at night.  He's going to have to wait a little while though...I'm not ready to stop staring at it across the house all day.  So.Much.Work.  Worth it.


  1. this is amazing. i'm dying to make one!! -E

    1. It's so worth the effort. We've had hang-outs in there every day since setting it up!