Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Play Kitchen

For Lisi Loo's birthday this year she got a play kitchen!

Her Poppy helped me with the woodworking parts (adding the "counter" & a shelf inside and cutting holes for the sink & faucet), and I did the shopping and all the painting.  Lots of painting.  It was an Ikea kitchen cabinet I picked up at ReStore for $5.  It's a little on the deep side...

But the general shape and especially the price were both right.  We will never run out of room for her groceries.   With two birthdays and two parties for my own kids plus two parties for friends of my boy within two weeks my October budget is shot, but I'm looking forward to some adding some bins and baskets for more organization once my wallet recovers.  That might be MY favorite part of this gift...that this is just the beginning.  It opens the door to so many add-on gifts in the future.

Her favorite part so far is the sink.  She "washes" everything...including her dolly's hands.

These pictures were all taken on her actual birthday.  She's played with it every day since and has received more food as well as some pots and pans and even a toy toaster!  She's so in love with this gift I'm sure it will be popping up in pictures with regularity from here on out.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a spot of tea with my favorite little lady.

***NOTE*** Sorry to anyone who stopped by yesterday and saw that my last few posts had some missing pictures.  Picasa and I recently broke up and Photobucket and I are still in the getting-to-know-you phase of our relationship.  I think I fixed them all, but if you notice any I missed I would really appreciate a heads up.  Thank you!

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