Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday Boy!!

Today my boy is 5!  How did THIS happen?  Two years is one thing...I can still call her my baby.  But FIVE?  He's all kid now.  And I kinda love it.

Some fun facts about this kid on his 5th birthday:
*He's got an amazing brain...and he loves to use it.  He's been reading independently for months now, and not just stumbling through and slowly sounding out words...but really READING.  I wish I could take the credit but, while I did definitely put in time helping as he needed it, it was his own enthusiasm and interest that really fueled him.  He just LOVES reading.

*He's a great joke-teller. Today's joke: "Why did the fisherman throw peanut butter in the water?"  Answer: "To go with the jelly fish!"
*His favorite colors are blue and red.  His favorite number is 5 (yesterday it was 4).  His favorite letter is M.

*He's not at all timid in new situations.  He started at a new school this year and didn't have a moment of hesitation or clingy-ness.  He also started taking gymnastics classes a month ago.  The first day I got to stay and watch.  A lot of the boys had taken the classes before and on several occasions he fell behind or had trouble keeping up, but instead of getting upset he would just look to an instructor, clearly ask his question or for help, and do his best with a look of serious concentration on his face.  Not once did he get upset.  He knows that if he keeps practicing and working hard it will get easier and he will improve.  This week when I picked him up and asked how class was he said, "GREAT!  I can do everything except the back bend.  But that's okay - I'll just keep practicing."  Could I be more impressed?  I don't think so.

*Instead of saying "I need to..." or "I have to..." he says "I must...".  Hilariously old fashioned.  I blame Thomas the Tank Engine.  And by "blame" I mean "thank".
*My favorite: this kid still lets me love on him (almost) as much as I want to.  Hugs and kisses and fiddling with his hair and holding his hand.  I feel like, now that he's five, the countdown until this kind of physical relationship is no longer okay with him has really begun.  I'm soaking it in.  Every day.

This kid made me a mom five years ago today.  And for that...I owe him...big time.  Thanks kid!

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