Thursday, October 24, 2013

KCW - Annabeth

Why am I calling this top Annabeth?  It may or may not (but totally does) have something to do with the Hart of Dixie season 2 marathoning I was doing while drafting it.  It doesn't remind me of the character, per se.  It's just the name that kept popping into my head every time I tried to think of a label for my pattern pieces.  So Annabeth is is.

I have mixed feelings about this top.  I was so excited about it when I was drafting the pattern, cutting the fabric, even sewing it up.  Then once it was finished and on her...I just felt kind of meh about it.  Definitely cute - but I'm not in love.

I think I'm going to try again with a few tweaks.  Maybe open the neckline a little, lengthen it a bit (maybe make it a dress?), and change the sleeve openings (I like the contrast with the bias tape, but I think I'll put the elastic in the hem, instead of a separate casing - it's reading a little "clown costume" to me).  Also, I really like this fabric (red tag clearance at Joann) but I don't think, as garment fabric, it's really "me".

Enough with the negatives...just because I don't love this top doesn't mean I don't LIKE it, after all!

I can't believe how well my invisible zipper came together!  I still can't believe I was scared for so long.  What a shame.  The bib/yoke/facing with piping turned out pretty cute, too.  I won't be changing that.

So we'll call this Annabeth take 1.  Any suggestions for take 2?  

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  1. I love the yoke lined with piping! I also love Hart of Dixie (well the first season at least, I haven't seen the 2nd season. I think I need to add that to my to-do list!)

    1. I almost deleted the line about Hart of Dixie because I still can't decided if I should be ashamed to admit I like that show or not...but every time it does come up in conversation I find someone else who likes it, too! Ha!