Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Thanksgiving Junebug

It didn't happen as soon as I thought it would but I made another Junebug - just like I said I would.  It's not actually the fabric I had in mind...but it is similar...and it was free.  Oh - and she'll be wearing it on Thanksgiving next week...hence the post title.

It's a pretty heavy flannel - I'm guessing home decor.  I love the shape it holds.  It's from the same haul from my aunt that gave us berries and carrots.  And I used it ALL UP.  I used to be scared to do that...which is probably why my fabric stash had become unmanageable.  Now I find it thrilling.

I decided to pleat it at the front center, back center, and shoulder - in part because of the weight of the fabric, and in part because I actually have another one put together that I gathered and I wanted a change.  (That one's just waiting on a trip to the store for a covered button kit refill - be on the look out next week!)  Oh - and I added long sleeves with elastic at the wrist - the pattern is sleeveless or short sleeves but that won't work for us this time of here here in New England.

I also used some kelly green piping from this estate sale score (still chipping away with nary a dent in sight) around the front panel and neckline.  I had intended to put it at the waistline, as well, but forgot until I had already attached the top and bottom and there was no way I was taking it apart.  I added it to the hemline instead and I'm happy with the mistake.  It's a little unexpected and balances the green at the top and the bottom.

Speaking of the bottom...I just drafted a quick leggings pattern and used this super stretchy but still decently thick white knit I've had a while to make her a pair of two piece leggings.

Immediately after taking these pictures the leggings made their way (aka were forcibly dragged) to my sewing machine and taken in...again.  Such trouble getting the fit right!  Always that fear of too-small-to-make-right I guess.  And the buttons...will be moved out.  Totally aware they are making the front gape open.

Don't expect a second photo-shoot, though.  One per outfit is my limit!  ha!

Now...bring on the turkey!!

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  1. So cute! I have the pattern but can't get inspired to use it yet. I love your piping!