Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Deer for my Dear

Soooo...I made another swing tee.  Last one for the season, though...probably. (Short sleeves here & here.  Long sleeves here & here.)

The stencil comes from this set that I got the Tee Pee Tee stencil from.

The fabric was a huge tee I bought to upcycle for myself, but it wasn't really working out as planned, and the color is just so little girl sweet, that it became this instead.

In the picture above she was showing her deer what she was watching on the phone.  Such a sharer.

I sure do love this crazy wackadoo.


  1. This is beautiful!! I always love your swing tees, your short sleeved version is what inspired me to tackle Mad Mim's tutorial in the first place. :) I wasn't brave enough to attempt it on my own with sleeves, so I bought Craftiness is Not Optional's new pattern, which is a various sleeve lengths swingy top, although I like your sleeves better.

    I've just been browsing around your site and catching up, and just wanted to say, even if you just pop in occasionally, you have a beautiful site that is worth looking through. Your pictures are gorgeous, I was totally charmed with your gingerbread house decorating, and your kiddos and sweet clothes are beautiful. :) I've been blogging for 5 years and it's importance and prominence evolves as I/my children go through different stages of life. As long as you still like it, go for it. :)

    Happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment! I keep beating myself about about whether I want to fully go for it or quit and am working on accepting that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the middle ground. None of this all or nothing silliness!

      Oh - and I broke my promise (to myself) and made another swing tee today. Couldn't help myself - ha! Just feels good to make something you KNOW will turn out right. Hopefully it'll get posted this week. Thanks again for the encouragement - it means so much!