Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nani Iro Junebug

My first mail order fabric purchase was also my first Nani Iro purchase (from Miss Matatabi, naturally).  After drooling for a while, I made a knee jerk reaction when this pale blue was on sale briefly.  But I limited myself to a half yard, just in case I was disappointed.  I was absolutely not.  It has lovely block-print dots that have a really subtle metallic sheen.  I knew I needed to do something special.  And I knew Jess at craftiness is not optional wouldn't let me down.

I feel indebted.  Her archives are so generous with tutorials and tips.  Hers was definitely the one blog that made the most significant difference in my drafting abilities and, more importantly, my confidence in my abilities.  If for no other reason than I like to repay my debts, I purchased her Junebug Dress and Tunic pattern.  (Of course that's not the only reason, though).  Seriously - you should, too.  It's adorable.

I wanted to make the most of every inch of my half yard, so I went sleeveless and lined all bodice pieces except for the center panel in a plain white cotton.  I probably could have eeked out enough for the rest of the lining if I had made this tunic length and used a narrower hem but I really wanted to make the most of the fabric with the longer skirt.  And speaking of the hem - I HAND stitched it.  I just couldn't bear the thought of that line of stitching marching across the skirt.  Since it's double gauze, it was actually pretty simple, but don't get me wrong - I definitely questioned my decision several times throughout the process!  I figure I can always go back and put in a traditional hem if this doesn't stand up to a toddler's use and abuse.

This photo-shoot was on par with most of my attempts with this girl.  Either I was looking at this...

 ...or this...

But then she did this for 2.75 minutes and totally redeemed herself.

I will definitely be making this again.  I'm picturing a long sleeved tunic version for fall.  Already have the fabric picked out in my mind.  I'm so excited!

To me, that's one of my favorite parts of sewing.  Completing a project that makes me excited to start another.  Perpetual inspiration.

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