Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rocket Recess Raglan.

I'm really into alliteration, I guess.

I'm working on a separate project that involves painting shirts.  When I told my son, he immediately said, and I quote: "A rocket shirt!  A shirt with a rocket!  Can you make me a rocket shirt with a rocket on it?!  Rocket!  Rocket!  Rocket!  Rocket!"

Okay, you got me - not a DIRECT quote, per se - but pretty close.  Basically, he really wanted a rocket on a t-shirt.  And rockets weren't where I was going with my other project, so this new project was born.

It's the Recess Raglan again, this time for him.  I really should have made the next size down but our short-sleeved days are coming to an end and I'd like him to be able to wear this next year, too.  I googled an image of a rocket, made some tweaks to make it freezer-paper-stencilable, and the rest is history.  

His favorite part is the starry shoulder (he requested a moon but I wasn't up to task - he was gracious enough to accept my subsitution).

My favorite part is his love of his very own one-of-a-kind made-with-love Rocket Shirt.


  1. Aww. I can't wait until E is at the age she can help decide what I make for her! Looks like the Recess Raglan pattern is working out well for you. I've got it printed and taped and cut, but I'm not quite to it just yet.

    1. It's kind of fun with him because he has a little interest, but not a lot of investment - he's easily swayed if I don't like his idea. I'm actually NOT looking forward to the girl kid having opinions - I have a feeling she won't be as laid back about it!

  2. Lucky boy to wear that awesome shirt!