Friday, August 9, 2013

Number 9s

Boy clothes?  Could it be true?  It could be - it IS.  I couldn't put him off any longer.  Shwin & Shwin recently had a sale on their fall patterns so I jumped on the Number 9 Trousers for my boy child.

Obviously these aren't trousers...I wanted him to be able to wear them now, plus I figured there might be a learning curve and shorts mean less fabric wasted if I messed them up beyond wearability.  I just measured a pair of his shorts to get the right length (or close to it anyway...they're a little longer than I would have liked, but I used an existing hem so they're staying that way).

Oh - and I'm sorry these pictures are so crazy fuzzy.  We woke up to a very gray, rainy day but I wanted to get the pictures anyway - so they are what they are.

Per the measurements on the pattern, I used the 3T size for my almost-5-year-old.  I was skeptical - kept wondering if I should up it to the 4T - but stuck with the 3T (although I did lengthen the elastic at the back by about 1.5 inches) and low and behold - a great fit!

There was a bit of a learning curve, as expected.  It was my first time with welt pockets and, while I need some practice, the instructions were great and I feel confident using them again.  All four pockets are lined in a contrasting fabric for a fun just-for-him detail.

I'd say my only real issue is how baggy the back waist/tush area is.  I'll be modifying that next time (there will definitely be a next time - probably quite a few).  And I was a little confused closing up the front waistband - but I think I just need to take a little more time with the instructions.

I'm glad I finally picked up this pattern - I see it getting a lot of use in the next few years.  And the kid was super excited to finally get something sewn up for him.  How excited?  This excited:

I don't get it either, but he says that's what it means.

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