Thursday, August 22, 2013

Red Recess Raglan

I made a Recess Raglan!  In red.  It's a bit warm yet, but I see this top getting lots of wear come fall.

I used a soft double layer knit from Joann that's been catching my eye for a while.  It probably has a proper name, but I don't know what it is.  It's a thin dotted layer on one side connected to a thin striped layer on the other making the fabric reversible and super cozy.  And speaking of Joann - has anyone else noticed that, while their offerings of printed/patterned knits has increased dramatically, the actually selection is - how can I say this - not so cute?  Is it just me?  Is is just my Joann?

I went by the measurements in the pattern and used the 18 month size with cuffed elbow sleeves.  Perfect slim fit!  I also shortened the bottom an inch or two and added a waistband.  It looks so much more balanced with the stripes there as well as the cuffs and collar.  The other modification I made was to make the neck opening a little bigger.  Ultimately, I don't think it was necessary and will just go by the pattern next time, but I do kind of like the slouchy-ness of it for this particular top.

 Overall I really enjoyed this pattern.  Only a few pieces, quick to sew (especially if you're skipping the bands), and a nice garment perfect for every-day wear.

And reading.  Great shirt for reading.

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