Thursday, August 15, 2013

Racerback Tank

This was almost a fail.  I got in a bit over my head.  I can admit that.  The pattern I was drafting was a little beyond my experience/ability.  I had never worked with silky, slinky fabric like this before.  The finished product looks pretty good - but the fit was off - too much gaping in the back.  I put it aside.

 I'm glad I hung it in the closet instead of giving up on it completely, though, because today I decided to try it on, just to see how she had grown into it.   I didn't think she'd be wearing it today since it wasn't too hot, so I just threw it on over the onesie she had slept it.  Still too gaping in the back to wear alone - but totally cute layered!  So I switched to a clean onesie, slipped on some leggings, and we had an outfit.  Hurray!

She was, as usual, impossible to photograph from the front.  Seriously - how do you do it?  It looks like I blurred out her face in these pictures.  I didn't.  She just wouldn't stop moving.
 Except to play with my old dollhouse.

My grandparents made me that dollhouse when I was little.  It's currently residing at my mom's house.  I've already started planning the remodel.  I'm thinking that'll be her third birthday gift - if I can wait that long...


  1. Love this! It's looks so very, very cute on your daughter! And the racerback is such a great feature:) Good for you for sewing outside your comfort zone:)

    1. Thank you so much! This is one of the few things I've made her that I'm actually really jealous of and wish was in my size - ha! (sorry for the late reply - thank you for commenting!)