Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lampshade Update

So remember that ridiculous bias tape score a made recently?  I've  used my first bit.  Not much, I admit, but it's a start.

That's actually the lamp I bought at the same sale.  It had a dated off-white shade with a floral texture that just wasn't my thing.  I planned on getting a more modern shade - probably bright white drum - but decided to try my own fix first.

I took off the ugly trim from the top and bottom, recovered it in some plain white fabric (formerly a tablecloth, so it had some decent weight to it), and then used my long neglected glue gun to add some bias tape stripes.  I did it quickly and with two little distractions at my feet (pretty much how any task gets done these days) so my stripes are a bit wonky - but for a quick fix I can deal with wonky.  

It was supposed to go in Lisi Loo's room, but that would require rearranging the top of her dresser and I need to psych myself up for that.  When I move it I probably will switch out the shade, but for now it has found a home in an alcove on my second floor landing - a space that I'm thinking will also be the beneficiary of my second bias tape project.  

I have a lot of to-sews on my to-sew list right now.  I'm trying to stick to a set-in-stone sequence that can only progress once the previous project is 100% complete but it's just so HARD!  Do you ever feel like, if you don't get these things in your head out into the real world you might just burst?  Like there can't possibly be any more room for anything else in your brain until these crazy ideas are made tangible?  I can't be the only nut whose brain does this to her.  I just can't be.

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