Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Bow Swing Tee

I know I promised no more swing tees this season...but I just couldn't help myself.  This fabric -- an oatmealy stretchy french-terry-knit fabric that is oh-so soft but no longer available from fabric.com where I ordered it from and where I would order 10 more yards of it from if it WAS still available -- well, it NEEDED a fool-proof fail-safe pattern or I wouldn't have been able to bear cutting into it.  So, you see, and I hope you forgive, a swing tee it had to be.

I also had this chevrony (I'm so specific this post) ponte de roma that I used to make a nice big bow for added interest.  I'm pretty sure I saw the idea on MADE a while ago but can't find any related posts there now.  I didn't follow any tutorial or reference any blog post when I made it, anyway.  Wing-it is my middle name. 

It ended up being the perfect color/texture/size to really compliment the top without being too distracting.  

As far as the fit goes, it's the exact same pattern I used for all the other swing tees, so no surprises there (kinda the point).  And Happy New Year to me - this was a rather fun shoot!

Full of dancing, singing...

and crazy faces:

Just couldn't help myself.

(Oh!  And you can find her brother's tee pee tee here.)


  1. Adorable (clothes and children)!

  2. oh, I love this top!! And you're right - that fabric is definitely worth getting more of! When you know a pattern works and looks so darn cute, well, you just gotta stick with it!