Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Sweatshirt (aka Thinking Spring!)

Next up for Kids Clothes Week - Upcycled Edition: a new sweatshirt made from an old sweatshirt (the blue), scraps of an old tee shirt (the green), and bits of a vintage sheet (the floral).

The pattern is self drafted and based on this sweatshirt (still a favorite) that I made last KCW.

I did widen it a little since this sweatshirt fleece has close to zero stretch.  I think I overestimated how much to add, and I wish I had made the bottom a little narrower to compensate, too, but they aren't issues I can't live with.

The sleeves are from the old sheet, as are the flowers I added.  I change my mind about those flowers every three minutes.  Sometimes I think they're the perfect touch; sometimes I think they're cute but not really my style - too much of a stretch for me; sometimes I think they make it look way too home-made.  Any opinions?

When I am liking them, though, I am especially liking that the way they wrap around to the back on the side and over the shoulder.

We've been having some super snowy weather around here lately, with a snow day yesterday and a delay this morning.  Cancellations aren't ideal - only because the last day of school and my due date are right on top of each other and every day they cancel gets tacked onto the end of the year.  Delays, however, are lovely.  Still counts as a school day and gives me a bit of extra time at the start of the day to finish up a project, get the pictures taken, and maybe even start writing a post if things go extra smoothly!  Hooray for Delays!!

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