Monday, February 2, 2015

KCW - Upcycled Lucy

It's back!  Kids Clothes Week (where you commit to dedicating at least one hour each day for the week to the process of sewing for your kids)!  The theme for this week is "Upcycle" (cutting up something that wasn't just yardage of fabric to make something new of something old) - and, of course, I was up for the challenge!  

First up is a Lucy Tunic (pattern by Shwin Designs) made from an old wool skirt of mine and lined with an old blue sheet.

I've made this top twice before.  The first one was way too big at the time (I'll probably put her in it this spring).  The second one was made out of some green wool (blend??) I picked up at an estate sale and in the next size down and she got so much wear out of it all last winter.

This one was made in the bigger size like the first (size 2), but with a nice heavy fabric like the second.  

This pattern is advertised as a stand-alone tunic, but I really like it in the heavy weight over a long sleeve tee as a cardigan alternative.  

Instead of buttonholes I used big snaps so the buttons are just decorative (and sewn on with fun yellow thread that I forgot to get a close-up of).  The buttons and snaps were actually extras from a cardigan I plan on upcycling later this week - bonus!  The only change I made was skipping the pockets.  They don't get used, and I didn't really feel like it.

I love the flared shape of this top - especially from the back.  It feels sophisticated, but not too serious, and youthful but not too "childish".  To me, anyway.

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  1. This is so chic! I love the top out of this fabric.

  2. Love this, as always! :) You are the kcw queen! One of these times I'll join in again properly, but for now I'm happy to follow along and see all of your amazing creations :)

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