Monday, January 5, 2015

A Christmas Dress (and some itty bitty news)

We had a pretty rough holiday season over here.  For a couple weeks before Christmas the kids both had these coughs that, while not a big deal, wouldn't quit, so the doctor put them on antibiotics.  Then three days before Christmas my husband got hit (hard) by the flu, and the day before Christmas my body decided it was going to throw up it's hands in surrender to the fight against my sinuses it had been fighting on my behalf.  We survived Christmas and only had to cancel two get-togethers.  While we were all sitting around recuperating on the couch the boy broke out in a crazy rash all over his chest, back, and face that came bearing the festive greeting: "Merry Christmas!  Here's the penicillin allergy we know you've always dreamed of!"  Luckily the only ill-effects he felt were funny looking spots all over his body that cleared up fine.  Dad's close to better.  I'm getting there, too.  Sister was the only family member to come out of the past two weeks unscathed, medically speaking.  She refused to make us dinner, but she was extra sweet and agreeable so I won't hold it against her.

Anyway, all that to say that I'm actually pretty glad the holidays are over.  I'm sad to be glad about it, but it's over, it's behind us, we're moving forward...except for this post which is throwing us back to Lisi Loo's Christmas Dress.

The fabric was a flannel shirt, and the pattern is a self-drafted one that I've made a bunch of times with lots of different sleeve/neckline/skirt length variations but not sure I've ever really posted about.

This particular version has a square neckline, which is a little lower in the back and closes with one big vintage button.  It also has my favorite party sleeves: poofy at the top; poofy at the wrist; poofy wherever I can fit in a little poofiness.

Since I was working with a limited amount of fabric, I didn't have enough length to add the thick hem I like so I brainstormed and remembered some wide velvet ribbon in my stash (yay stash!!) that worked perfectly as a facing.

To avoid any nightgown similarities, I added this fabric flower broach I've had kicking around for a few years and she was enamored so I think a few more in various colors are on my to-make list...once my head feels like my own again, that is.

Lastly, and not Christmas Dress related, we had some itty bitty news we made an itty bitty announcement about over the holidays that you may have seen an itty bitty post about if you follow us on instagram...but if not, we've got an itty bitty baby scheduled to make her appearance in June!  Everyone is very excited.  Lisi Loo's going to be a great big sister but so far is barely mildly interested. Her brother, on the other had, has a lot more questions that he had last time around, and I'm not sure we're going to make it through this pregnancy with simple placations about how this kid got in my belly, and even more so how it's going to get out.  Wish me luck!  With those conversations...and all the rest, too, of course!

Hope all your holidays were happy, healthier than ours, and here's to a fabulous new start and new year!


  1. La-love the dress!! And so excited for you! Good luck with those questions, haha :) So far we've been able to get by with "God put the baby in Mama's belly, and, the doctor at the hospital will help get the baby out". Not sure if the last one will be a good enough answer in the end, but for now he's accepted it ;)

  2. That dress is fantastic! Perfect winter frock. Congrats on baby #3!! We had some funny conversations when I was pregnant with my littlest. The 6 year old talked about me giving birth as the baby "popping out." :D

  3. It's the perfect Christmas dress! Love the plaid. And congrats again on número tres. I feel like having 3 in the beginning was a real blur, but I gotta say, now it is just so fun! I'm constantly entertained. So exciting!

  4. Oh so beautiful/classic/perfect for the holidays! Good luck with the birds and bees for beginners. :)

    I like David Macaulay's 'The Way We Work' for kid's body questions. It's sort of an engineer's perspective on the body that my son loves. Though, reproduction is a tricky topic no matter how beautifully rendered.

  5. double congrats - on making it through the flu season and finally feeling better AND on the itty bitty baby that will be debuting in June! How exciting for all of you:)

  6. Oh Amy what wonderful news, congratulations!!! So exciting. I do remember seeing that picture on instagram but must not have read the caption, I think I thought it was a Christmas gift. Uh...not the smartest some days. :)

    Very good luck to you on "the conversation." Jayce was asking me a few months ago how he and Hannah got out of my belly, and once I realized that skirting the issue wasn't working, I just told him. They know about "privates" and how girls and boys are different, so I simply said that moms have a special hole by their privates where babies come out. That worked. As for how babies get in there he didn't ask, and I'm leaving that conversation up to his dad. :)

    Also, I very VERY much love this dress!! Some day you are going to share your self-drafting talents with the world and I will be first in line, and in the meantime we'll be admiring your work on your little model. :)

  7. Congratulations Amy, what wonderful news. All the best for a happy and healthy new year to you and your family. Can't wait to see what you sew up for the new little one :)