Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of Pre-K

Today was the kid's first day of Pre-K.  He's already had two years of pre-school, but at a different school.  I was a little nervous.  He was just excited.  No fear.  No trepedation.  Just excitement...I mean, doesn't this picture say it all?  (Read with heavy sarcasm.)

He marched right in, found the toy cars, and didn't look back.  If things had been reversed I would have been clinging to his leg, biting back tears, eyes wide with worry...  I love how like me he is, and how very different at the same time.

School is not new to him, but this is the first year he will be attending five days a week.  I think the person who will feel it most is his sister...although he did tell me on the way home (from his short one hour first day) that he was really missing her.  She's too little to get the warm fuzzies yet, but I felt them for her.

We end this post with a story demonstrating what an awesome mom I am.  He dresses himself, gets his socks and shoes on, and I even take a couple pictures of his big-boy feet before we hit the road.  We get home and while watching him walk up the stairs, I notice...they're backwards.

I let my son attend his first day at a new school with his shoes on the wrong feet.  I take comfort in the fact that they were still backwards when I picked him up...hopefully that means no one noticed!  ha!

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  1. lmao! too funny! and mom & dad agree! and they also agree that you are good mom.