Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bias Tape Pillow Case

So...I have a lot of bias tape.  The lampshade used a little, but in relation to the whole collection it really didn't count for much.  It was time to get serious...

Inspiration was from here, but I didn't really use the tutorial - just winged it.  Since the tape is of an unknown age/origin some of it got a little wavy in weaving.  It doesn't bother me as is.  There wouldn't be an issue if there was consistency in the weight of the tape.

I'm not going to lie to you - it was a bit tedious.  Not difficult, just a little time consuming.  I'm pleased with the results, though.  Check out that texture!

And because of that woven texture, this isn't really a pillow for every day use - more of a sit-on-a-chair-no-one-uses kind of pillow.  I'm okay with that, though.

For now it's sitting on my bed, but I see it being kind of a floater.  I've been craving brighter colors in my home and like that this can jump around if I need some brightening in a specific corner on a specific gray day.