Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Sunki

Once I made my first Sunki I couldn't wait for inspiration to strike for my second (because my fabric speaks to me - doesn't yours?).  But then I forgot about it...until a couple weeks ago when I pulled that first Sunki out of the closet and discovered it still fits!  I little shorter in the sleeve and length, but add leggings and boots and she was looking totally cute in her perfect-for-almost-spring-weather outfit.  But what about when Spring really does decide to show up?  It was time to have a chat with my fabric - and she was ready to gossip.  A blue piece from this bin had a crush on a green piece from that bin and a lavender zipper was ready to stretch her matchmaking muscles.  (Am I taking this too far?  I just finished a large cup of if I am, blame the caffeine...).

Anyway - here's our happy result:

The blue is a chambray with minty green dots printed on it that I picked up at Joann a couple of months ago (That's right - I bought NEW fabric - from a STORE!  ha!  It's by Lisette but I couldn't find it listed online.).  The green was part of a stash my aunt passed on to me a while back.

I used the same size as last time but with short sleeves and intentionally kept the length on the shorter side to be worn with leggings through the spring.

I following the sleeve directions more closely this time.  I did still wing-it with the pleating, but matched it closer to the directions than last time and I do like the results.  The one change I'll make next time will be with zipper insertion - I think an exposed zipper would have been nice here to really show off the contrasting color.

The leggings she's wearing are the ones I made here - but I took them in some more...again.

Stretch, we'll call her.  All legs and curls this one.


  1. SO adorable! Too many patterns and not enough time. UGH

  2. love this so much! the shorter length looks super cute on her as a tunic - hope this gets much wear this spring!

  3. ooo, I love this! Always wanted to get that pattern. I'm sitting here eating lunch and browsing all the wonderful things you make- all so great! She is just a little cutie.