Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KCW - Bubbly Olivia

It's here again!  Kids Clothes Week (dedicate at least one hour a day each day this week to sewing for your kids) - Summer edition.  The last couple seasons I was prepped and ready to go with plenty of time to spare (mostly because I kept messing up the dates and thinking it was a week earlier than it was...oops.) but this year I was having trouble finding the motivation.

Then Alexia posted her last blog post over at Lexi Made and the sweet combo of the Bubble Pocket Shorts by Elegance and Elephants (which I already owned) and the Olivia top by Cali Faye Collection really drew me in.  So I made an impulse purchase (the top pattern), dug through my stash, and fell in love.

I made the shorts once before, but they haven't gotten a lot of wear.  The proportions on a toddler aren't my favorite - I think they look better on girls whose legs have started stretching out.  She'll be there soon, I know, but isn't yet, so I took a half inch off the bottom of all pattern pieces and another half inch off the top.  I also attached the bands in a slightly different way.  I'm happier with the shorts now, and you may see another pair before the week is up.

I had some issues with the pattern pieces for the top.  I made the 2T, which is the smallest size for the pattern.  The straps ended up all short and stubby and if I attached them at the shoulder the bodice would have been choking her turtleneck fashion.  I honestly don't know if there was an issue with the pattern, or if the fault entirely lies with me at the tracing or the cutting stages (totally possible, if not likely), but I worked it out with out too much trouble and only a little seam ripping.

I made the shorts from an old pair of my capris - I was pleased to find out there was more than enough fabric for all the different pieces.  The top is made from what appears to be some quilting cotton - I picked up a piece that is several yards long at an estate sale for a steal.  You'll likely being seeing it again...more than once.  I used the polka dots fabric for the waistband facing and a yellow button on the front of the shorts (no function other than to tell me which is the front!) and blue buttons on the top, but they are subtle enough details that I don't think I'll have any issues mixing and matching these pieces.

I'll be back tomorrow with some BOY projects - oh yeah.

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  1. So cute it's killing me! Love all the volume in the top and the shorts, and the fabrics are a great combination.

    1. Thank you! I always used to feel like I needed to pair a fitted top with a voluminous bottom but I've totally come around - for little girls with no curves, anyway. Don't think I could pull that look off myself...ha!

  2. This outfit is so perfect for her!! I especially love the dots. I was seriously JUST looking at the Cali Faye Collection on Etsy a couple of minutes ago, then saw your post :) I'm gonna have to get me some of those patterns! I'm feeling all inspired over here. Lol.

    1. Doesn't she have some cute patterns? It was totally an impulse buy - but a worthwhile one, I think. Wouldn't it be cute in a heavier fabric with a cardigan over or a tee underneath, too? The wheels are turning...