Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW - She Painted a Sunset

Finally - some legit Kid Art to fit this season's Kids Clothes Week theme!  She painted a sunset on her new top.

I made the top first, using the free Summer Tunic pattern from Shwin & Shwin.  It's an ivory linen from my stash - more like a home dec weight than is ideal for summer, but it does give some nice shape to the top.

I was going for a water-color effect, so we sprayed down the areas we wanted to paint with water (probably her favorite part - free reign over the spray bottle!) and used very watered down paint in pink and orange to wash the over the fabric.  I also took a dry brush over the top and did a little more spritzing here and there to ensure the color wasn't too concentrated in any one spot.

I considered letting her paint the fabric first, but I really wanted a more seamless look to the painting.  To say there wasn't a little...okay, a lot...of literal hand-holding would be a lie.  We were, after all, adding paint to a FINISHED GARMENT.  She did great, though, despite Mama's uptight approach.  I'll trust her more, next time.

This pattern is lovely, and I've actually got a second cut out and ready to go, along with another pair of shorts for her and two more tees for her brother.  Gonna finish this KCW out strong!

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