Monday, July 28, 2014

KCW - A Simple Scoop Back Dress

Here is the final product of my KCW time this season.  Unlike the rest of the garments that were sewn start to finish last week, this was a project that just needed some finishing touches.  Like most of my other garments from last week, though, it is a repeat pattern offender...or flatterer, if you're fans like Lisi Loo and I are.

It is once again my self-drafted scoop back dress (here's one, and here's another).  This time I just kept it simple - no embelishments.  I toyed with the idea of having Lisi Loo personalize it with some paint or fabric markers in some of the dots, but decided to just leave it as-is for now.

The fabric was an old thrifted sheet we used to use for fort building on rainy days.  Then I tried making something for myself with it, but just ended up looking like I was wearing a sheet.  Not my intention.  So it's third life is this sweet and simple dress.

With a sassy metal zipper, because too much sweet without a touch of sass just isn't her style.

And, for the last time this season, linking up to KCW here.

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