Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scoop Back with Rickrack

This was the first version of my scoop back dress - second made (but first blogged) found here.  That one is still my favorite, but this one turned out cute, too, so I wanted to share it.

The bodice was a little longer on this version.  The proportions on this one looked a little off to me, so I shortened it just a little bit.  Other than decoration, that's the only change.

For this one I used three different shades of ric-rac around the neck, arms, and waist.  I used my faithful cheater pleating method, but with bigger pleats.  I definitely like the smaller pleats better, but these large pleats definitely have their place, too.

I have one more of this pattern that's been sitting waiting for a zipper and hem since early June, before our vacation.  I think I'm stalling because I added some decorative lace and I'm not as thrilled as I thought I would be.  I have another idea, and I think Lisi Loo could help out if I can loosen up a little.  Might be a great project to finish up during Kids Clothes Week.  Did you hear?  It starts again July 21 and the optional theme is Kid Art.  The wheels are turning over here.  Not very fast, but there is definite rotation.

I had mentioned in the other post that I was thinking about turning this into a PDF pattern.  Well, no need!   Shortly after I made my dress, Kelly at Sewing In No Man's Land put out her Marrakech Dress pattern which is very similar is shape.  I haven't sewn it up, but if you like my two dresses, I'm guessing you'll be pleased with that pattern as well.


  1. I'd still love a PDF of your pattern! I love these dresses, and would definitely snatch a pattern up if you created one. Really! It's the sweetest shape. :)

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement!! Maybe if I start on it this weekend I can get it to you by next summer - ha! I'm still mulling it of these days I'm sure I'll pull the trigger.

  2. I love this dress too. The classic little girl styling really appeals to me.