Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Straightened Her Hair

I used to periodically publish non-sewing related posts - posts to document our days and special moments.  Somewhere along the line I fell out of that habit, and I kind of miss it.  I do still take a lot of pictures, but not as many story telling shots as I used to and I aim to remedy that.

If you follow along with us on Instagram (@amos_el), you probably heard that I took the straightening iron (on a turned down temperature) to Lisi Loo's hair last week.  I had heard other people say, when they straightened their daughter's curls, that they all of a sudden looked older and more grown up.  I was prepared, but luckily didn't see that with my girl.  Still my little Lisi Loo, just with much longer locks.  And jealousy inducing natural layers.

I did get the strange sensation in the middle of the job, though, that I was looking at the back of my own head.  Something about the iron sliding down those blond strands - maybe reminiscent, though, since my hair isn't quite as light as hers anymore.

This was the day after we watched "Frozen" for the first time - which also happened to be her first princess movie.  So this, of course, was her princess hair.  I was worried I'd unleashed a princess monster, but I haven't heard a royal word since, so maybe we'll dodge that bullet a little longer.

We had only finished a few minutes before I took these pictures, and I hadn't left the ends curly - her hair just really likes to bend in the humidity.  Bend, but not frizz.  So not fair.

That night she went "swimming" in Grammy's hot tub, so I have no idea how it would have fared overnight, but my kids are sweaters (as in they sweat a lot, not in that I wear them in the winter) so I think this would have been a one day 'do anyway.

'Til next time, Princess.

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  1. It's funny b/c before i even started reading your description i thought to myself "she looks older" - but don't worry, it's only in the pictures taken from behind her :)