Friday, April 17, 2015

A McKenzie Tunic for Spring

Next up in our Lisi Loo's new spring wardrobe is my second sew from the new Garden Girl Collection by Shwin Designs (first was her Jane Top): the McKenzie Tunic.

When I first cut this out I had a brown linen to go with the floral.  It looked okay, but I just couldn't get excited about it.  Then I remembered I had this ivory linen and that all changed.  I LOVE this pattern even more than I thought I would!

Sure the ivory isn't as sandbox friendly as the brown would have been, but worth it - right?   (The floral was a bit of what I had left from this top.)

I made this in a size 2, and the fit is perfect.  Once I finished it I was worried it looked to big for her shoulders, but once on her the fit turned out to be just perfect.  I love the square neckline, that the square neckline in the back is dropped down lower (no buttons!), the big pleats and the band around the bottom that is the perfect balance to the bodice top.

I (for once!) made zero modifications to this pattern - it's just so great as is.  Sewed up really quickly, too, which is never a bad thing, is it?

Kids Clothes Week is coming up next week.  Luckily I was not as productive as I had hoped this week and so should have plenty to keep me busy for an hour a day next week.  And if I happen to run out of work, I may just have to add another McKenzie Tunic to my list.

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  1. that is stinkin' adorable on her. love the shape of it and your fabric selection!