Monday, April 20, 2015

KCW - A Madeline Dress

First day of Kids Clothes Week!  Woo-hoo!  Unfortunately, that's the most excitement I've got for today.  I finished up a spring wardrobe piece I started previously - a Madeline Dress by Me Sew Crazy (a FREE pattern!).

It looks pretty cute hanging there, right?  The reason for my lack of enthusiasm is that, for the first time in a while, the finished garment turned out too small!

It's not unwearably small, but it's clearly more a "top" than a "dress".  I went by the size chart and made a size 2, but clearly that was the wrong decision.  Or maybe I need to double check her height.  Or I made a mistake in my tracing and/or cutting?  Anybody's guess at this point, really.

It does look cute with shorts, and will probably work with leggings, too, so it's not a total waist.  And in a few weeks when it's officially too tight under her arms we'll just save it for her baby sister.  No big loss.

The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow, although my choice of this sheer fabric for the outer bodice, while very pretty, made things a little more difficult than they needed to be.  I'm sure I'll try it again at some point.

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  1. What a sweet outfit! I love the pop of color from the shorts!